What cannot be moved?

Bleach, Propane Tanks, Aerosol Containers Batteries (*even if empty), Ammunition, Cleaning fluids, Paints & Flammable Items

Do we transport guns? Yes, but only with proper documentation.

Do we transport living plants? Plants may be shipped if the relocation is less than 150 miles, no storage is involved and the plants require no in-transit maintenance.

Do I need to be present for the entire move at origin? No. Once the initial paperwork is completed in the beginning and identification is provided for all items that will not be moved, you may run errands. We will ask you or your representative to conduct a final walk through upon completion of the loading process.

Can I leave items in furniture drawers? Yes, if the items are non-breakable, are not liquid containers and generally light weight in nature. Small items such as pens, paper clips or loose items that may fall out should be packed.

Will we put furniture in specific rooms at the destination? Yes. We will place furniture and household goods where you want them placed. We will reassemble items we disassemble at origin, such as beds, tables, mirrors, etc.

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